My Mother’s Food is the Antidote for Everything

My Mother’s Food is the Antidote for Everything

My mother’s food is the antidote for everything.

As far back as I can remember there has never been a problem or an occasion for which my mother’s solution hasn’t involved eating something; it’s no wonder my brother and I love people by feeding them.

“Have some soup and go to bed” was her cure if I wasn’t feeling well.

“Stay home, I’m going to slice some prosciutto and cheese…go watch a movie and relax … f*#k everybody.” was what she mumbled on her way into the kitchen if I was sad or hurt.


“We’re going to throw a big party … I make lasagna from scratch and a beautiful rib roast, what else do you want me to make?” was her answer to any and every celebratory occasion – and believe me, she didn’t need much of a reason to celebrate.

And there is no grey area when it comes to my mother’s affections, she either loves you or has no time for you – you will never be confused.

 She means what she says and she says what she means.

If you make the cut for her “love” list, I have no doubt that there is a particular dish she makes which for you and your dish has become synonymous with her, and she makes it for you every time you come over.

Your dish is unique to you, as unique as her love is for you.

For my brother it is homemade cavatelli or sautéed peas & mushrooms.

For me it is fiatone topped with hot chili peppers, a traditional savory baked ravioli from her hometown.

For my sister in law, it’s stuffed eggplant.

For my friend, Cate, it’s rapini prepared a certain way.

For my friend, Mario, she prepares zuppa di pesce and for his wife Barbara, sweet calamari.

This list goes on and on…

Collectively, my brother Roberto, my mom (Vilma) and I put the “passion” in Roberto’s Pizza Passion. At our restaurant we all express our love for people through the food we serve and the individual specialties each one of us create.

Mom’s homemade soups are now a menu staple because they nourish half of the city’s population. My panini and cappuccinos will send you on a trip to Italy transport you to Italy.

There is a good reason we call our home Roberto’s Pizza Passion, because Roberto puts his heart and soul into every pizza he creates be it his Traditional pizza or his authentic Neapolitan Thin Crust.

You come here for the pizza, but you stay for the passion … because people don’t drive across town for ordinary, they drive across town for extraordinary … for Robertos’s.



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