Roberto's Team

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Owner, Operator, Pizza Genius

Roberto IS the heart and soul of this pizzeria.

Behind his signature raspy voice is an endearing man who always has a plan.

You don’t need to speak with him for more than a minute to understand why coming up with a name for this business was a no brainer.

His passion for every pizza he creates is obvious and tantamount to his commitment to customer service.


He always knows exactly what his customers need, even when they don’t.

Roberto truly is a “pizza genius” and if you don’t believe that just ask him – he’ll tell you himself!


When you pull into the parking lot and smell wood burning it usually signifies one of two things…

either the wood burning oven OR the fury of ideas being processed in Roberto’s head.

You can always tell when he hasn’t slept much because he comes into work… with the best ideas.

Honestly, this guy can turn anything into a pizza.

“What if we make a steak sub pizza?”  “How about pizza cones?”  “I brought my thanksgiving leftovers, I’m gonna put it on a pizza!”


“Make pizza, not war” is his motto.


This Canadian Pizza Champion is constantly studying his craft and looking for new and innovative ways for people to enjoy a classic favorite.  Roberto loves to involve his customers in his creative endeavors.

Don’t be surprised if Roberto comes to your table with some delicious creation and says “you gotta try this, tell me what you think!”

While he loves socializing with his customers and ensuring an exceptional dining experience he is at his finest when the board is full of orders and he’s rocking out pizzas.

A bit of an inventor of sorts, don’t be surprised one day if he comes out with a line of air fresheners or cologne that smell like pizza.




Owner, Manager, Sassy Thing

If Roberto is the heart and soul of Roberto’s Pizza, then Nadia is the brain and the brawn.

She brings the countless incredible ideas percolating in Roberto’s bald head to life.

Best friends since their youth, together they form the ultimate business partnership.

Having opened several (diverse) businesses throughout her career one thing has been consistent, her entrepreneurial instinct & spirit.

Clearly this runs in the family. 

While Roberto delights in creating pizzas and schmoozing with his customers, Nadia prefers the hectic, behind the scenes part of the business.  Creating spreadsheets, projections & forecasting, implementing marketing plans & strategy, book keeping – all done simultaneously – is her forte.

She is in her element though, when the dining room (or patio) is full, the music is pumping, and her and her brother are working the room.

Nadia’s vibrant energy can be infectious and compliments the authenticity of Roberto’s Pizza Passion.

This girl has only one speed – on!  If she isn’t pounding away on her computer she’s flying around the restaurant at mach speed.

She’s no stranger to the kitchen either, that girl can cook!  Something else that clearly runs in the family.  Good genes.

Looking to plan a private function (personal or corporate) or catering?  Nadia is definitely the one you want to speak with.  Some things can be taught, while other things are innate.

Nadia was born to throw a party! 

And when she does…. There’s usually good tequila involved!


Mama Vilma

Mama Vilma

Creator of All Things Wonderful ... including Roberto & Nadia


This is truly where the passion originated.

It’s just like Vilma to leave her mark, everywhere.

It doesn’t matter what (or who) is cooking in the kitchen, she will inevitably put her two cents in.

(I don’t think she knows they got rid of the penny, poor dear.)

She is the sole creator of every single batch of fresh, hearty and delicious soup served at Roberto’s.

Her soups have become so popular that if you want to witness and uprising, come to Roberto’s on a day when they run out of Minestrone or Lentil.  I dare you.

No matter how much Roberto or Nadia think they have her recipes mastered, there’s always something missing.  Ultimately the “secret” missing ingredient… is her!

Vilma is possibly one of the only people left who actually makes the pasta for her lasagna by hand… and you can taste the difference.

Her tomato sauce is so good we’ve actually seen customers lick their plates – no joke.  It’s that good.

She breezes in and out of the restaurant, often undetected, like an angel of mercy.  One second the kitchen is slammed and dishes are piled high, then, we see a bright light, hear a little motherly critique, and then bam!  Food orders are out and the kitchen is spotless.  God love her.

(God also rough her up a little some days, but most definitely love her.)

She is the driving force behind weekly Costco runs… which in hindsight isn’t beneficial for food costs… but she never forgets the sour keys.


Thanks Mom… for everything!


Don't Be Shy. Call 905.938.5525. Your stomach will thank you.